Sands Whitewater River Trips

Sands Whitewater River Trips

Hop Aboard for a River Rafting Tour

If you’re planning a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, one of the must-do tours is a float down the Snake River. Book a tour with Sands Whitewater and Scenic River Trips for an unparalleled experience, safety record, and incredible customer service. And, no matter your speed, there’s the perfect tour option for you.

Whitewater Rafting Trips

If you’re feeling up for an adventure, book your seat for Sands’ whitewater rafting tour starting the second week of June. On this tour, you’ll have a professional guide who takes you 8 miles in the whitewater rapids through the Grand Canyon of the Snake River. This tour encounters class II and class III rapids, so be sure that you’re ready to get wet.

Before you set off, your guide will give you thorough safety instructions and teach you how to paddle. You’re likely to get wet on this whitewater rafting trip, so consider renting a wetsuit and water shoes from our office before you set off on your tour.

Scenic Rafting Trips

The scenic rafting trip is the perfect option for those who are less inclined towards adventure but don’t want to miss out on the sights and sounds. Starting in mid-June, the scenic float trip takes you along a calm, relaxed portion of the snake river while you learn about the area’s history and snap photos. This dry float trip lasts about 3.5 hours, and you will not need to paddle.

Rafting FAQs

For those who are new to rafting, there can be a lot of questions and concerns. We put together this list of FAQs to hopefully answer all of your burning questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, you can find more FAQs on our website.

Which trip is right for me?

The rafting trip that is right for you will be all about what kind of trip you’re looking for. There are two raft trips to choose from:

  • Whitewater rafting
  • Scenic float rafting

If you’re excited by the sound of adventure and want some thrill in your life, the whitewater rafting tour is the perfect choice for you. If you’re more excited by history and scenery, the float trip may be more your speed.

What class of rapids will we experience on the tour?

You’ll experience class II and class III rapids on the whitewater rafting tour. The rapids scale ranges from a class I to a class VI, with class I being a lazy river and class VI being so wild it can be challenging to navigate. The class II and class III rapids on our tour are moderate, giving you a good ride that’s safe and fun for children and families.

Do I have to paddle?

It depends! You only have to paddle if you want to.

If you want to paddle:

  • Pick our 8-person whitewater rafting tour where everyone on the tour paddles

If you don’t want to paddle:

  • Choose our 14-person whitewater rafting tour where 8 people paddle and the rest ride in the middle as passengers. (This is an excellent option for families with young adventurers.)
  • Book a seat on our scenic float tour where your tour guide will handle all of the paddling.

Will I get wet?

On our whitewater rafting tour, you’re 100% going to get wet. We suggest a bathing suit and light, breathable clothes if you’re taking this tour. Or you can rent a wetsuit and water shoes from our office.

If you choose to take our scenic float trip, you’re unlikely to get wet. While the chances of getting wet on this trip are low, there’s always the possibility of a small rogue splash.

Yes, there is a possibility that you will fall out. But the Snake River is incredibly safe, with little chance of you being hurt if you fall out. Before boarding, your guide will give you a safety briefing and training on what to do if you fall.

What should I wear?

Before you leave home, you’ll want to pack the right gear for your rafting trip. If you’re planning to take our scenic float trip, you’ll want to wear light layers of clothing so that you’ll be able to remove layers if it warms up. Wear shoes that can get wet as they may be splashed as you get in and out of the boat.

For the whitewater rafting trips, you’ll want to wear light, breathable clothing that can get wet, a bathing suit, or rent a wetsuit from our office.

For any river trip, you’ll want plenty of sun protection. Be sure to bring and wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and consider a sun hat or shirt.

Where to Stay in Jackson Hole

If you’re planning a trip to Jackson Hole to raft Snake River, you’ll find plenty of other fun activities nearby. To accommodate all of that fun, be sure to book a few nights in a local hotel so that you can take in all that Jackson Hole has to offer.

In Moran, Wyoming, you’ll find Togwotee Mountain Lodge, which places you between the Grand Teton National Parks and Yellowstone. This full-service mountain resort, open at the end of May, has a variety of lodging, from private cabins to lodge rooms. You’ll also find onsite dining, a nearby grocery and gas station, and stunning views of the Teton Mountains at the lodge.

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