Lake Powell, AZ & UT


Houseboating on Lake Powell is, simply, amazing. Being able to explore the winding waterways and canals freely, exploring and finding a home base on what feels like your own privately discovered beach, is amazing. And the size of Lake Powell, with nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, makes it easy to find a spot that makes you feel like you’re the only one on the Lake. And to be able to explore with your own house(boat)? Even better.

The best thing about houseboating is the same thing that makes all trips excellent: the ability to bring groups together for fun adventures, fun times, meals, celebrating, being active, and seeing the world. No matter which model you choose, your houseboat can come equipped with all you need for unforgettable times. All houseboats come with a kitchen, bbq, dining area, and waterslides. Getting a bit chilly in the evening? Why not a nighttime soak in the hot tub?

Houseboats are open for rental from either of the major marinas on Lake Powell. On the north end of the lake, there is Bullfrog Marina, in Bullfrog, Utah. On the south end, there is Wahweap Marina in Page, Arizona. The larger by far is Wahweap, which boasts, in addition to houseboat rentals, restaurants, swimming pools, and lodging.

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