Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay, AK

A Glacial Paradise

You don’t want to miss crisp cool weather year-round, some of the world’s most stunning tidewater glaciers, and boating and exploration attractions that acquaint visitors with what feels like the edge of the world itself. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site, Glacier Bay sits on Alaska’s southeastern coast, on the scenic Gulf of Alaska.

Year-Round Winter Wonder

In 1916, scientist William S. Cooper first visited Glacier Bay, returning again and again over many years to study Glacier Bay's natural wonder. His vision became reality when President Jimmy Carter put his signature on the Alaska National Interest Lands Preservation Act, dedicating the site as a national park. In 1925, the area was proclaimed a national monument and named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992.

Scientists noticed early on that the glacier was receding by up to a foot a year, creating some of the tidewater natural wonder features you'll find at Glacier Bay. The area is also home to a variety of glacial wildlife nestling amongst its icy shores and crags.

Points of Interest

Margerie Glacier

Perhaps one of Glacier Bay's most famous and widely visited points of interest, Margerie Glacier is a 21-mile long glacier situated along 12,000+ foot tall Mount Root. It is one of the park's most stable glaciers, neither receding nor advancing over the last several years.

Chilkat Range

You may also want to explore the Chilkat Range. Named by the area's indigenous Tlingit People, this mountain range and accompanying water body are prime for watching killer whales, learning the history of the Tlingit people, and mountain hiking and outdoor recreational adventures that simply can't be beaten.

Johns Hopkins Glacier

At over 12 miles long, the Johns Hopkins Glacier is one of the few in the park advancing over time, pushing out into Johns Hopkins Inlet at its terminus. Named for the famous Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, the area is home to a variety of wildlife viewing spots and scenic delights. Enjoy the scenic Glacier Bay tour, departing from Barlett Cove, and exploring some of Glacier Bay’s most famous sights and Tidewater Glaciers. If you do explore on your own, take care to avoid the local moose, bears, and other animals in their natural habitats.

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Glacier Bay Lodge

Glacier Bay Lodge

Glacier Bay National Park
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