Bushkill Falls

Bushkill, PA

A Natural Wonder

Known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania”, there’s no place quite like Bushkill Falls in the Pennsylvania woodlands. Nestled in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, pure mountain springs, can’t-miss falls, deep drops, and natural wildlife adorn the pure banks of the Pond Run and other pristine streams. If you’re looking for a deep-woods getaway that takes you as close to the heart of nature as you can get, Bushkill Falls is the perfect destination.

Hills, Trails, and Streams

Charles E. Peters first bought the property that would become Bushkill Falls, turning into a publicly accessible park in 1904. Over the following years, the area was developed into interconnected hiking and exploration trails, making the falls more accessible to the community. Those same trails are now open for hiking and adventure through the Pennsylvania wilderness.

Points of Interest

Mine for Gems

Ready to be a miner for a day? Fun for the whole family adventure awaits with Bushkill Falls mining activity! Buy a bag of what is referred to as “mining rough” for $12 and sift for gold just as America’s frontier pioneers did. Keep any gems you find in the bag!

Bushkill Falls

Why visit without seeing the famous falls themselves? Some of the nation's best hiking, scenic drives, and breathtaking natural views are available for hikers of all skill levels. Pack a park picnic and enjoy these famous falls with the whole family.

Hiking Trails

On the trails, enjoy hiking, fishing, and adventure for all skill levels. Bushkill’s most popular trails vary in length from a 15-minute, quick excursion to 2+ mile hikes through rough terrain. Hikers of all fitness levels will enjoy dense forest views, endless greenery, and of course, the famous historic Bushkill Falls. Peaceful, serene strolls through the mine country’s hidden gem remove hikers from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced, daily living, and provide a return to nature’s wonders.

Picnic Areas & Pavilion

Picinic tables, grills, and scenic views, the perfect setting for a party or family outing. Picnic areas in Bushkill Falls are free to use. Looking for a covered picnic area? Check out Bushkill's open-air pavilion rentals, which can fit up 150 people, with 10 charcoal burning grills and offering both weekday and weekend rentals.

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