Trails in Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls

Trails in Bushkill Falls

The beautiful woods and waterfalls that located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are some of the most enchanting and jaw-dropping natural monuments in all of America—a must-experience for any nature lover. Walking along the natural trails and man-made wooden walkways that wind through the dense forest and within misting distance to the gargantuan waterfalls is an experience you’ll not soon forget.

There are four main hiking trails at Bushkill Falls, each catering to various ages and ranges of difficulty.

The four trails are named as colors, but the trails themselves are not actually colored, only named in accordance to their length: green and yellow being easier, blue and red being the longer and more difficult stretches. But don’t be discouraged, even the longer trails take only 2 or so hours to complete. Each trail also offers astounding views of different waterfalls.


Green Trail

View the Main Falls from the green trail, which takes about 15 minutes to walk. No climbing is involved, however, there are steps.

Yellow Trail
View the Main Falls, as well as Lower Gorge Falls, Laurel Glen and Upper Canyon, which takes 45 minutes to walk.

Blue Trail
View Pennell Falls from the blue trail, which takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk.

Red Trail

View Bridal Veil Falls from the Red trail. This trail is for the avid hiker in that it spans almost 2 miles, includes all eight falls, and takes over 2 hours to hike.

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