Scouting at Bushkill Falls

The Wonders of Bushkill Falls

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains you’ll find a wondrous spot for outdoor adventures of many kinds perfect for wilderness scouts. Exploring nature is one of the many ways both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can earn badges.

Bushkill Falls, located in Pennsylvania, is the perfect place to spend the day outside and adventuring. Just a short drive away from New Jersey, southern New York, New York Metropolitan area, and eastern Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls is a great place for a day trip with scouts.

Scouting Trip to Bushkill Falls

A scouting trip to Bushkill Falls is the perfect getaway from the big city to explore nature. If you’re planning to bring the whole troop, be sure to apply for a group discount for the park.

Scout-Friendly Activities at Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls has not only a great location for getting away from the big city, but it has plenty to offer for outdoor exploration and adventure. Plan your trip around these adventures and you just might be able to earn a scout badge during your time at Bushkill Falls.

Get Your Nature Merit Badge

Whether you’re a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout, there are plenty of outdoor and nature badges that you can earn during your visit to Bushkill Falls. Be sure to do a little research ahead of time to plan your trip around the activities you must complete for your nature patch.

Mine for Gemstones

At Bushkill Falls, you pretend to be a miner for the day and mine for gold and gemstones.

To get started, you’ll need a bag of “mining rough,” which can be purchased inside the Nature Nook park store. Then, take your bag of rough to the sluice, or trough with circulating water, and sift away. As the material is washed away with water, you’ll uncover all sorts of gems. The gems you find are yours to take home!

Once you’ve cleaned off your gems, take them back into the park store to identify which gemstones you found. Be sure to get a gem identification card to take home with you to learn more about your stones.

Find Your Way Through the Maze

Navigation is a cornerstone of scouting knowledge. Test your skills at the Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze. This competitive, family-friendly maze is the perfect way to learn about navigation and test your new skills. For a little extra fun, challenge your friends to a competition and see who can navigate the maze in the fastest time.

This is no ordinary maze. In the Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze, competitors take a passport stamped with their start time into the maze to find four checkpoints. At each checkpoint, they get a letter. After all four letters have been acquired, it’s a race to the finish line. The fastest time not only gets bragging rights but also a prize.

Hit the Trails to See Waterfalls

Bushkill Falls is also home to eight waterfalls, all varying in size. Hit the trails for a hike to see some or all of the waterfalls. The natural trails take you through the Pocono Mountains to see waterfalls that vary in difficulty and length.

The walk to the main falls is just a short distance, but you’ll still want comfortable shoes for navigating the natural path. Choose the right trails for your group:

  • Green Trail: 15-minute walk to the Main Falls at the observation point. This trail has stairs, but no climbing.
  • Yellow Trail: 45-minute walk to Main Falls, Lower Gorge Falls, Laurel Glen, and Upper Canyon.
  • Blue Trail: 75-minute walk to view Pennell Falls.
  • Red Trail: 120-minute hike to view Bridal Veil Falls and all other waterfalls. This hike is for experienced hikers as it spans almost 2 miles.

There are a number of trail options making Bushkill Falls a great location for all scouts and guides.

Save Time for a Picnic and Playtime

If you’ve still got time at the end of your day of adventuring, you can set up at one of our picnic tables or pavilions for lunch or an afternoon snack. The picnic areas are free to use for all guests but they do close at 5:00 pm.

Nearby to the picnic area, you’ll also find a playground where kids can burn off some excess energy before the drive home.

If you’re looking for your next Girl Scout or Boy Scout outing location, Bushkill Falls is conveniently located with a number of different outdoor activities. Whether you’re just looking for fun activities or to earn a nature patch, Bushkill Falls has plenty to offer to any scout.

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