Paddle Boat at Bushkill Falls

Twin Lakes at Bushkill Falls

Paddle Boat at Bushkill Falls

If you, like me, often think (author enters reverie) “If only we could combine the sweet exercise of bicycle riding with the calm, serene activity of floating on a lake…” Alas! We are in luck! For there are the paddle boats in Bushkill Falls.

Enjoy the sweet lapping sounds of paddles on smooth, clear water with Bushkill Falls paddle boat rentals. Forgivingly not located underneath one of Bushkill’s famous waterfalls but instead on Twin Lakes, the nearby bodies of calm waters where visitors can relax on the shore, fish, and, thank the old gods and the new, paddle boat.

The paddle boats fit  up to four, meaning you and your favorite friends or family members can take to the open seas and paddle to your heart’s content, exploring in circles, figure eights, or even haphazard shapes like triquetras.

Be fair warned: paddle boats aren’t for the faint of heart or for those who shy at getting splashed.

Paddle Boats are offered throughout the year on weekends and daily during July and August, weather permitting.

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