Denali National Park

Denali, AK

The Crown Jewel of the North

Located in the heart of Alaska, Denali National Park and Preserve consists of over six million acres of protected and untamed wilderness. Its abundance of free-roaming large and small wildlife, far-reaching forests, tundra, and glacial lakes would be enough, but Denali also lays claim to the tallest mountain in North America, the eponymous Denali, whose peak reaches 20,310 feet.

Protected & Cherished Lands of Alaska

Denali was designated as an international biosphere reserve in 1976, by form president, Jimmy Carter. This effort focused on the conservation of the ecosystem and prudent use of the land’s natural resources. The park later became Denali National Park & Preserve in 1980 after it was incorporated with Mt McKinley National Park.

The lush wilderness, mesmerizing scenery, and robust wildlife attract over 400,000 visitors annually, as do the adventures available such as hiking and whitewater rafting. Denali is a bucket-list destination that is one of America’s greatest treasures.

Points of Interest

Guided Hiking Excursions

There are three interpretive hiking excursions offered in Denali National Park & Preserve, all clocking in around three to four hours. Choose from the Triple Lakes Trail Interpretive Hike, Step Through Time Hike, or the Road Creek Interpretive Hike. Be sure to pack a camera, there are many stunning sites to see.

Rafting on the Nenana River

Nenana is a glacier-fed river located in Denali where people flock to go rafting. If you’re looking for a milder rapid, check out the Wilderness Run. The leisurely trip will give you time to take in the sites. If you’re looking for the ride of your like, opt for the Canyon Run. Total time is between 3-4 hours with 2 hours on the water and dry-suits are included!

Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre

Need a break from the great outdoors, the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Go back in time to old-time Alaska with the Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre. Enjoy tales of the gold-rush era, a hearty cuisine, and spirited music and humor.

The Lodge at Denali Park Village

Open mid-spring through late-summer, The Lodge at Denali Park Village is seven miles south of Denali National Park & Preserve. The Lodge is nestled along the Nenana River and a short distance away from hiking trails, ranging for all adventure types. With various room types, you will surely find your sanctuary within a sanctuary.

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Denali National Park Lodging

Denali Park Village

Denali National Park
Sitting just a few short miles south of the entrance to Denali National Park and located on 20 acres, Denali Park Village serves as a perfect getaway to experiencing the gorges, valleys, waterfalls and mystifying mountain ranges of Denali. Outstanding...

The Cabins at Denali Park Village

Denali National Park
The Cabins at Denali Park Village are nestled among the towering spruce trees next to the Nenana River in Alaska. The best thing about these charming little cabins are the location: conveniently located just six miles from the entrance of...
Camping in Denali National Park

Denali National Park Campgrounds

Denali National Park
There’s no better way to fully immerse yourself into the wild and intoxicating Denali scenery than to camp. Denali National Park & Preserve has 6 great campgrounds along Denali’s Park Road, each providing easy access to different areas of the...

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