Denali Area Activities

Denali National Park and Preserve, AK

Denali Area Activities

If you’re looking for more Alaskan adventures, or more ways to experience the wild landscapes of Denali, there are plenty of options. In addition to hiking, camping, and guided bus tours, you can also explore Denali by air, train, plane, ATV, Jeep, and more. Check out a taste of many of the available activities below:

Alaska Railroad – View the landscapes on the edge of Denali and throughout Alaska, via train. Spanning over 500 miles, the train runs through major destinations in Alaska including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and more.

Black Diamond Golf Course – For golfers looking for a bit of an icy challenge, the Black Diamond Golf Course lives up to its name. No sand pits here–exchange those for tundra marsh or the occasional hoof print and you’re getting there. A short, fun course great for any play style.

Helicopter Flightseeing – A combination of heli-hiking and birds-eye-sightseeing. Take a helicopter up to the Denali Range and walk the glaciers yourself. Must bring a camera—you won’t want to miss this.

Husky Homestead Tour – Ever wanted to dogsled? Here’s your chance. The thrill of the ride and the fun of snow-pup cuddles are waiting for you in this once-in-a-lifetime subarctic adventure through the snowfields of Denali.

Denali Fly Fishing Guides – Exactly what it sounds like. These fly fishing tours take you to the best spots in this epic location, with half-day, full-day, and multi-day trips available. Arctic Grayling and Rainbow Trout are a speciality.

Denali Air – For a truly unforgettable Denali experience, Denali Air charters twin engine plane tours of the mountain range, getting you close (but not too close!) to the behemoth, 20,320 ft mountain, as well as many of the other landscapes of Denali National Park.

Denali ATV – Rambling along the Alaskan wilderness on an ATV is an unforgettable experience. THis tour takes you along old coalmine trails and other trails to stunning overlooks and down to small winding creeks. The chance to see wildlife, and see Denali up close and personal makes this experience truly spectacular.

Denali Jeep Backcountry Safari – Safaris aren’t only for the plains of Africa. In Denali, this off-road journey through the backcountry of Denali is an incredible opportunity to see wildlife and scenery up close and personal. Take the wheel and get ready for adventure.

Denali Wilderness Safari – This time, on water. The Wilderness Safari is a heated jet boat tour into the, you guessed it, wilderness. An on-the-water exploration experience, this tour provides ample opportunities to catch glimpses of wildlife, and those incredible mountain ranges.

Johnny Johnson Gallery – This famous National Geographic photographer and once park ranger has a gallery open with many prints of his beautiful photographs taken in the wild, wonderful state of Alaska and beyond. Located in the main lobby in Denali Park Village.

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