Whale Watching in Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay, AK

For the budding naturalist, the veteran whale watcher, or the average person who just has general interest in beautiful creatures, the icy waters of Glacier Bay are a perfect place to visit: because in these waters live whales.

Getting up close and personal with whales is an experience that nears indescribable. You think you have an idea, but then, with orcas and humpback whales breaching mere feet from your boat and the sounds of their songs in the air, you realize that it’s nothing like the movies. It’s astounding.

When you go on a whale watching tour of Glacier Bay, you’re likely to see more than just whales—even though whales there are en masse—but also other great Alaskan animals of the land, air, and sea. In the water, you’ll spot sea lions, sea otters, porpoises. In the air, there are bald eagles, gulls, and herons. And on the nearby shores and on the ice there are puffins, and even brown and grizzly bears. And getting to experience these animals with the guidance of true professionals makes the trip all the more memorable.

The tours depart from Gustavus City Dock, about 10 miles from Glacier Bay Lodge, and travels to Point Adolphus. Complimentary hot drinks including coffee, tea and hot cocoa, water, and snacks are available.

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