Fly-Fishing Fundamentals

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When the temperatures are elevated, there’s no better place to be than near the water. To beat the heat this summer, plan ahead and book some time to go fly fishing. Whether you’re an amateur angler or a pro, you’ll find great fly fishing options at Olympic National Park and Togwotee. But first, let’s explore the ins and outs of fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Vs. Fishing

When it comes to fishing, there are two basic categories: fishing and fly fishing. Anything that’s not fly fishing is regular fishing.

Some of the technical differences between fly fishing and fishing are that when fly fishing you:

  • Use a weighted line or fly line
  • Use a fly fishing rod, reel, and line
  • Will try to mimic a fish’s food, luring it in instead of using real food or live bait
  • Continuously cast instead of leaving the line in the water and waiting
  • Fish in shallower water, such as a river or shallow lake
  • Stand in the water, studying the movement and behavior of the fish to improve your chances of catching one

Fly fishing takes a little more skill and practice than traditional fishing, but is all the more rewarding when you’re successful. If you’re interested in lounging on a boat all day and kicking back, fly fishing may not be the sport you’re looking for.

Fly Fishing Fundamentals

Fly fishing isn’t just your normal cast-and-wait fishing. It requires skill, patience, and a little know-how. With a little practice and some instruction, it can be a fun adventure that will turn into a lifelong passion. Knowing the basics before you go can make for a better trip.

Learn How to Cast

Before stepping foot in the water, it’s important to understand how to cast your line. Do some online research and watch YouTube videos before ever departing for your destination. If it’s your first time attempting fly fishing, it might benefit you to invest in some casting lessons before heading out on your trip. If there’s none in your area, consider hiring a teacher and guide at your destination.

Get the Right Equipment

The next step in a successful fly fishing adventure is to have the right equipment. If you don’t already have your own equipment, you’ll want to research whether or not you can rent or buy equipment locally.

What you’ll need:

  • A less-expensive, mid-range fly rod
  • Durable fly reel
  • The right type of fly line for the type of fish and fly fishing you’ll be doing (Or, get a few!)
  • A leader, which connects the fly line and the fly
  • Flies for the type of fish you’ll be fishing for

If you’re new to fly fishing, it’s critical to find a local expert or shop that can help you find the right gear for your fishing trip.

Hire a Local Guide

Even with the right gear and some training under your belt, if you’re not a fly fishing expert, you’ll want to hire a local fly fishing guide. A guide will help you to find the right fishing spot and to catch some fish for your dinner, giving you a great first-time experience.

Fly Fishing in Olympic National Park

Stay cool all day long while wading through rivers and casting a line. Take an afternoon break to eat a picnic on the water’s edge or head back into town for lunch after some successful fly fishing. Washington’s Olympic Peninsula has outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and serene, natural splendor.

Lake Crescent is a large, deep lake perfect for fishing. Renowned for its fly fishing, Lake Crescent is a catch-and-release only lake. Be sure to bring your own gear and get supplies at the Fairholme General Store before heading out for the day.

Fly Fishing at Togwotee

Located between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Togwotee Mountain Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the perfect central destination for your next fly fishing adventure. Northwest Wyoming is home to freshwater streams and rivers where you can wade in and fly fish.

Anglers love the views and the fish at Buffalo Fork River and the Snake River. Both are located within a short distance from the Togwotee Mountain Lodge.

If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, fly fishing is just the right challenge to stay cool and learn new skills. While fly fishing isn’t as easy as regular fishing, with a little practice and the right tools, it’s incredibly rewarding for your work. Both Olympic National Park in Washington and rivers near Togwotee Mountain Lodge in Wyoming are beautiful locations to spend your summer vacation while fly fishing.

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