Jackson, Wyoming’s Best Snowmobiling Tours

Hit the Fresh Powder Near Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole and Togwotee are situated in some of the most beautiful countryside in the United States. While hiking and fishing abound in the warmer summer months, the winter is all about fresh powder. Enthusiasts and beginners flock to the area to enjoy some of the most epic snowmobile country in the world.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your first-ever ride or are an experienced rider, you’ll find snowmobile tours and rentals to fit your need for speed. With over 500 inches of annual snowfall, you won’t be disappointed in your visit to Jackson Hole and Togwotee Mountain Lodge.

Snowmobile Rentals

At Togwotee Mountain Lodge, you can rent everything you need for a day out on the trails. Their knowledgeable staff will help you to choose the right snowmobile and the right gear. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, they have what you need.

At the shop, you can also rent gear such as helmets, jackets, boots, and mittens. Snowmobiles are rated for up to 500 pounds and a maximum of two people.

Guided Tours of Jackson Hole Snowmobile Trails

Once you’ve got your gear, it’s time to hit the trail. You can choose between a guided tour or head off on your own. Tours depend upon experience level. With over 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and wide-open meadows, there’s something for everyone near Togwotee Pass.

For Beginners

For beginners who have never been on a snowmobile before or who have only ridden a few times, you can book one-hour lessons in a scenic setting.

You can also join the beginner’s tour which starts out with instructions on safe snowmobile operation and ends with a tour of nearby meadows. Beginner tours aren’t boring tours! Along the way, you’ll get to take in the incredible scenery and might even spot some wildlife.

Some other beginner-friendly tours include:

Bridger-Teton Snowmobiling Tour
On this tour, you’ll take a scenic drive through the heart of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This tour can be done as a half- or full-day tour.

Wildlife Snowmobiling Tour
The lands surrounding Jackson Hole are a sanctuary for wildlife. On this tour, you’ll take a relaxing trip along groomed trails to see the local wildlife. Keep your eyes out for elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, eagles, and wolves.

Granite Hot Springs Snowmobiling Tour
Satisfy your need for speed and get in some relaxing time on this tour. Hop aboard your snowmobile and follow your guide to Granite Hot Springs, which is only accessible to dog sleds and snowmobiles. There, you can enjoy a long, hot soak in the springs. This tour is available as a half- or full-day tour.

Brooks Lake Lodge Snowmobiling Tour
This beautiful countryside is hiding some dark and interesting history. If you want to learn about the area and the travelers who came before you, sign up for the Brooks Lake Lodge Snowmobile Tour. On this tour, you’ll explore the trails along the Continental Divide then head to historic Brooks Lake Lodge near Yellowstone National Park.

Greys River Snowmobiling Tour
This half-day tour takes you through the mountains to Greys River where you’ll stop at a remote, historic hunting lodge for lunch. Along the way and during your lunch stop, be sure to look out for wildlife.

The Continental Divide Snowmobiling Tour
This full-day tour takes you through the trails along the Continental Divide. Known as the backbone of North America, the Continental Divide is the point that runs north to south in the U.S. and marks the change of river flow across the continent.

Intermediate Experience

If you’ve ridden snowmobiles before and can maneuver corners easily, the intermediate tour is right for you. This tour ventures farther off-trail and travels at higher speeds than beginner tours. Depending on your experience levels, you can choose between on-trail and off-trail intermediate tours. Off-trail tours require that you understand powder turns even if you can’t execute them every time.

Advanced Experience

If you’re an experienced rider, you can sign up for the advanced tour. These tours are for regular snowmobile riders who are comfortable riding at high speeds on trail and are capable off trail, including being able to sometimes execute side hilling and powder turns downhill through trees.

Extreme Experience

If you’re a regular rider with a lot of experience, you sign up for the Extreme Experience tours. These tours require extensive off-trail experience, including long tracks of side hilling, downhill powder turns through trees, hill climbing, and boon docking. If you’re an experienced snowmobiler, you will love getting to explore the countryside with others who love the same sport.

Whether you’re climbing onto a snowmobile for the first time or have extensive experience, there are options for you to enjoy and have an amazing experience. Jackson Hole is one of the best snowmobiling areas in the country. With tons of fresh powder dropped every year and hundreds of miles of trails, you’re sure to find something that fits your interest and experience level.

Where to Stay for Perfect Powder: Togwotee Mountain Lodge

If you’re ready to hit the snowmobile trails, you’ll want to stay nearby. Togwotee Mountain Lodge is open from early December into March for the winter season. Located in Moran, WY, and situated between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks it puts you in the heart of the action.

The lodge is a full-service mountain resort with lodge rooms, suites, and private cabins. On site, you’ll find laundry facilities, mountain WiFi, a grocery and gas station, and dining. The Grizzly Grill serves up hearty comfort food for breakfast and dinner. After a long day riding the powder, head down to the Red Fox Saloon for a nightcap. The pub-style menu has light bites and you can choose from many local beers or order one of their seasonal signature cocktails.

If you’re ready for an adventure, it’s time to seek out the fresh powder and groomed snowmobile trails near Jackson Hole. Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding for years, you’ll find knowledgeable guides who can help you hone your skills and enjoy the scenery, history, and wildlife of the area.

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