Mesa Verde Tours

Mesa Verde, CO

– Far View
– 700 Year
– Private

The Far View Explorer Tour starts at the Morefield Campground and runs through Mesa Verde to the highest point in the park, Park Point, where you’ll find a 260 degree panoramic view of four states, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. In addition, this tour is ADA accessible, and perfect for any age. Views of the cliff dwellings are available at multiple spots along the tour, and opportunities to learn about the history and fascinating geography in the region.

The 700 Years Tour is an in-depth immersion into the history of the Ancestral Puebloans, including their architecture, horticulture, culture, and religions in Mesa Verde. Called 700 Years Tour for the length of time that these incredible people lived in Mesa Verde, the guides weave an illuminating timeline of their lives and challenges, from CE 600 to CE 1300.

Private Tours are also available, and are flexible to the desires of your group. Guides will bring you on an immersive tour of either Cliff Palace or Balcony House.

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