Explore Handmade Native American Goods

Mesa Verde, CO

One of the best parts of exploring the beautiful Mesa Verde region is the opportunity to feel a connection with the native populations that once called this place their home. Taking guided tours and hiking the region is one way, and another is to come face to face with the closer to home Native American handcrafts—traditional Navajo rugs, handmade flutes, carved wooden dolls, coven baskets, pottery, and drums. In addition, gift shops at Mesa Verde hold handcrafted silver and turquoise jewelry that are designed and offered by many Southwestern tribes.

A big part of the tradition of the region is the connection to the spiritual, which is reflected in the goods that the people produces. Traditional and distinctive Hopi Kachina Dolls represent these spirits of the Hopi religion and the ceremonies involved, and are amazing to see and learn about. The pottery, too, is impressive, as well as the jewelry, and the textiles.

Be sure to check it all out at the gift shops, located at:
Spruce Tree Terrace
Far View Lodge
Far View Terrace
Morefield Campground

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