Birdwatching in Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde, CO

Mesa Verde National Park’s diverse landscapes and temperate climates make it a perfect place for birdwatching. With many distinct habitats and hiking trails, there are ample opportunities to explore and see new birds, for the avid birders, or try the sport out for size.

During migration season, birds are in large supply. Warblers, flycatchers, woodpeckers, jays, hawks, and many other species make it their home (for the time) and can be spotted on many of the hikes in the south end of Mesa Verde. Keep a sharp eye out for falcons and golden eagles, too.

For wetland birds, the nearby Mancos River provides a habitat that is excellent for spotting ducks, geese, heron, bluebirds, blackbirds, and eagles. Depending on the season, there are plenty of other species you might find in your path.

The combination of beautiful landscapes and bird species make birding in Mesa Verde enjoyable, challenging, and completely engrossing.

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