Boat Tours at Olympic National Park

There are three great boat tours available at the Olympic National Park and Preserve, and all are offered out of Lake Quinault Lodge, the only hotel-style accommodations within Olympic, and tour, if it wasn’t obvious, the magnificent Lake Quinault.

If you’re looking for a great outing, the Lake Tours are a refreshing, educational, and eye-opening way to start your day in the Olympic wilderness. The excellent guides provide fascinating insights into the surrounding regions, including recommended experiences within the area, and also the history of the Quinault Rainforest, the wildlife, fisheries, the foundation of the National Park, tribal life, and those who first charted this great place. You’re likely to catch a glimpse of bald eagles, osprey, and river otters going about their lives on the Lake.

The three tours, Daybreak, Afternoon, and Sunset Lake Tours, are similar in content, but different in time of day. Daybreak Lake Tour begins after breakfast, and includes much narration and information about the region. The Afternoon Lake Tour is similar to the Daybreak Lake Tour, except it’s in the afternoon. The focus of the Sunset Lake Tour is a calm cruise around the lake during the gorgeous sunset hour, with less narration, and is intended to help you wind down after a day of Olympic adventures.

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