Stand Up Paddle in Castle Rock Bay

Stand Up Paddle in Castle Rock Bay


Stand Up Paddle in Castle Rock Bay

The Castle Rock Bay is a bit out of the beaten path, making it a quiet place to relax on Lake Havasu. The parking lot can be found off a dirt road off of Vista Dr. You will see the Castle Rock sign to the left heading towards the lake on Vista Dr. Drive along the dirt road for 150 yards or so before you make it to the designated dirt parking area. You will have to hike another 100 yards pulling whatever gear you have to get to the water. There is a lot of sand along the path so dragging your kayak or paddle board is a bit of a chore, but the destination is definitely worth the short walk. You will walk right by “Castle Rock” which is a pretty cool rock formation that is also worth exploring while out in the area.

Spend the day in the secluded bay by paddling through the reed forest or taking in rays on the very small beach. This is also an ideal location for fishing as it is away from the hubbub of the busy lake.

Pack List

  • Water or soft drinks (non alcoholic beverages only)
  • Paddle board, kayak, canoe, rafts
  • Fishing gear
  • Other water toys
  • Picnic supplies
  • Sun block (no shade)

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