Horseback and Mule Riding

One of the most fun ways to explore the trails of Yosemite is on horseback. There are two opportunities within the park for rides—the Wawona Stable at Wawona Hotel, or the epic 4/6 day Pack and Saddle Trips out of the High Sierra Camps.

As you have to have been awarded a reservation at one of the High Sierra Camps to participate in the Pack & Saddle Rides, they’re a little harder to get to. But if you’re lucky enough to join in, you’ll be rewarded by an unforgettable journey through the backcountry, going from camp to camp, exploring the wilderness and snapping as many photos along the way as you can.

Much more accessible are the rides out of Wawona Stable, which are only two hours in total, following a historic wagon road around a scenic loop through the lush surrounding forest.

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