Stargazing Yosemite

One of the reasons we love to visit and explore National Parks and immerse ourselves in the wonder of places like Yosemite is to feel awe at the incredible size, scale, and beauty at our landscapes. And during the day, that’s what we see. But what about at night?

A feeling of perhaps even greater inspiration and evoking perhaps even more wonder than the sights of the wildflower meadows, waterfalls, Half Dome and the rest of it is, of course, that truly crushingly beautiful view of the star-strewn, no-light-pollution sky above you at night. Yosemite, with its clean air and open skies, is an unreal place to stargaze. On a clear night, just with your own two eyes, the sky seems to open above you, presenting an incomparable feeling—that of being on a planet, suspended in space, amongst countless billions and billions of galaxies.

The confounding awe and breathtaking wonder that this view evokes is one that can’t be easily forgotten. In a world in which there is so little mystery, and where every answer to every question is just a few taps away, sitting in awe at the greatest mystery there is, that of existence itself, is something truly unforgettable.

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