Snowshoe Mt. Ellinor's Winter Route

Snowshoe Mt. Ellinor’s Winter Route

Seattle, Washington

Snowshoe Mt. Ellinor’s Winter Route

You can stat this adventure at one of two trailheads. I suggest using the lower of the two. The start of the trail ascends through a forest of old growth pines with periodic views of Mt Washington. Eventually, at a fork in the trail, you will see a sign marking the start of the winter route. You will then travel though a thinning forest to the base of the route, a tall, narrowing snow gulley.

Depending on conditions you may need snowshoes or crampons, and avalanche danger should be taken into consideration. Avalanches of historic proportions have occurred here.

Ascend the gulley to its top, where you will then cross the lower basin, upper basin, and finally make the final summit push. Be very careful on the summit as cornices often build up over profound and deadly voids and can break off without warning.

Pack List

  • Depending on conditions consider the following:
  • Snowshoes
  • Crampons
  • Ice Axe
  • Touring Skis / Split Board
  • Avalanche rescue kit
  • Cold weather mountaineering gear

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