Hike to Chikahoki Falls

Hike to Chikahoki Falls

Bloomingdale, New Jersey

Hike to Chikahoki Falls

This is a fairly easy hike that is great for the whole family to see the fall foliage and experience a great waterfall. It is a short hike through the woods to get to the falls with other loops available for those that want to hike more.

Photo: [Viraj Kumbhakarna](https://www.flickr.com/photos/yourviraj/5098522182/in/photolist-q5xqkY-pN4WjL-q5eKue-pN4Vv1-oCthJ-oCtib-7Y8zyh-4KYWTZ-8NAXWv-pLZCqk-q4uDTw-8Lxg1S-bZriB1-bZri2m-bZrkvj-bZrmeE-bZrmub-bZrihm-bZrhKS-bZrjQU-bZriYb-bZrhxs-bZrkW5-bZrkdu-bZrjs1-x7zYmj-wQJu55-wuXnje-wuXndc-wuQ3Hw-wuXkYD-wK7Y37-q4mBeH-pM12sx-pM12xx-q4n2y4-pM2NbG-q4cwCn-q4cw2c-pM2Knf-p7zD4C-pLYN41-q4cukX-q2gMEq-pM2JVU)

Pack List

  • Hiking shoes
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Camera

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