Hike the Apshawa Preserve

Hike the Apshawa Preserve

West Milford, New Jersey

Hike the Apshawa Preserve

This is a pretty straightforward loop-hike that has you crossing a few bridges, a stream and getting some incredible views if you are up for it. Ironically you are close to some homes so you will potentially see some people in their backyards. You’ll also get used to seeing manmade structures intersecting with nature with some water tanks and metal bridges next to streams and rock-hops.

Photo: [Karen Peterson](https://www.flickr.com/photos/kleepet/4656085001/in/photolist-86rDRB-86rDsv-8PfQAq-8PcJNc-8PfQEd-8PfQZf-8PfQUU-78mxcP-aZ1y7a-nwGmSk-nwGiDQ-nP1YZU-nwG4u5-nwFVy7-nP2p8U-nwFGyP-nwFTUf-nwFUcE-nwFGd8-nwFFym-nNTDag-nPbj88-nP88x5-nP8899-nPbnjP-nwG5JQ-nwG7QV-nQXVqz-nP8d7f-nPbpZt-nP2421-nwFNqD-nNTDin-nQYgc8-nwGnnP-nP8bny-eNyWge-eN9vjU-eMX656-eN9vey-eN9v6h-eN9vrb-9u6UaF-9u9J1f-jkHkpX-q1ziGM-q1zkuz-q1K5Et-q1zpmx-pJmDuS)

Pack List

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Hiking shoes
  • Hat
  • Camera

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