Hike Reed Lakes

Hike Reed Lakes, AK

Alaska, Alaska

Hike Reed Lakes, AK

The trail head starts at the small unpaved parking lot which is free, (it was very full though because of berry picking). The trail starts off wide and flat as you walk through a beautiful valley surrounded by trees and giant granite mountain peaks. The trail changes to an upward climb with lots of switchbacks. Beautiful view of the valley below as you go up. Then comes the boulder field. You will make your way over some big granite boulders that cover a river. (It can be a bit challenging if you have an overnight backpack). Follow the stream because there is no definitive path. After navigating through all the boulders, you get back on the trail and soon after Lower Reed Lake will come into view! If you are staying overnight, this is a great place to camp; plenty of spots to set up your tent. There is nothing to burn, so don’t count on making any type of fire. The trail continues up, right past a waterfall, and once at the top of the falls it flattens out some. The trail takes you right to the Upper Reed Lake. We went in late August and it snowed on us quite a bit and got down to 29*F at night. Be prepared for cold!

Pack List

  • Water
  • Water filter
  • Camera
  • Day Pack/Overnight pack
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag/pad
  • Food
  • Hat/gloves/coat

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