Fishing in Lake Powell

Lake Powell, AZ & UT

Lake Powell’s calm waters, thriving fish population, and incredible scenery make it an angler’s dream destination.

Fishing starts to upswing around April each year, as the water warms after winter. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are found in large numbers around the lake, with cappie, catfish, and bluegill also easy to find during the warmer months in the lake.

Most notable in Lake Powell, however, are the striped bass—they are often found in huge numbers by lucky anglers. When they are “boiling” (so called because when feeding on the tiny surface shad, the surface of the lake seems to boil) striped bass can be caught on every reel. This is a thrill that many anglers say is one of the top fishing experiences in their life.

And good news—there are no limits to fishing striped bass. If you find yourself in a boil, and catch 100 striped bass in an hour or two, no problem. Fisherman are encouraged to fish the striped bass to keep the predator/prey relationship healthy in the lake.

You will need a license to fish Lake Powell, either from Arizona or Utah, depending on which part of the lake you’re in.

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