Boat Tours on Lake Powell

Lake Powell, AZ & UT

If there’s one thing you must do at Lake Powell, it is be to see the iconic landscapes of beautiful canyons and rocky ridges that are so unique to this region. And there are a plethora of opportunities to do so. Kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, renting a motorboat or houseboat or pontoon boat, or—if it’s more your speed—a boat tour operated out of Lake Powell Resort.

There are five options for chartered boat experiences, and each have their benefits.

The Antelope Canyon Tour brings visitors to the south end of Lake Powell to explore the mesmerizing color palette of oranges, reds and browns that are typical of this region. Highlighted on the tour are famous slot canyons, and the Glen Canyon Dam, the second largest concrete arch dam in the country.

The Canyon Adventure Tour, as you’d expect, brings through the best canyons in Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon as well as Navajo Canyon, allowing passengers to see the towering sandstone geology as it rises over 600 feet into the sky above. In addition, get a glimpse of Glen Canyon dam, and the 50/50 wall, an enormous rock that is half in, half out of the water. The sight is spellbinding.

The Panoramic Lake Powell Tour brings passengers into the heart of the lake, immersing you into the widespread, beautiful landscapes of Lake Powell, including the rich scenery of Gunsight Bay, while learning about the geology and history of the region. This is the best way to get to the core of the Lake Powell experience.

The Rainbow Bridge Tour carries guests on a Lake cruise over 50 miles of beautiful shoreline and views, all leading up to an up close and personal experience with one of the largest natural land bridges in the world, the Rainbow Bridge Monument. This massive arch, over 290 feet high and crossing a 275 foot span of lake, is a stunning sight. And feeling the power of the wind and water that carved it firsthand is something you’ll never forget.

The Private Boat Tour is a smaller, more intimate tour that brings you and a group (max six people total) through the snaking waterways of Lost Eden, a narrow, flooded canyon. Hearing the calm quiet of the canyons (broken with the inevitable yell “ECHO!!”, and the reverberation that follows) and seeing the canyons jut up above your heads, makes this tour completely unique and awesome. Private Boat Tours are operated from Bullfrog Marina.

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