Asilomar Walking Tours

Monterey, CA

Tours run Friday–Sunday, 10am

Enjoyable and educational, this guided walking tour is a popular way to explore the famous coastal dunes of the Monterey Peninsula in California and learn about the historic architecture of Asilomar Conference Grounds. At only 1.5 miles long, and taking only an hour and a half, it’s just a sneeze compared to the longer hikes available in the Monterey foothills, making it perfect for a morning activity—the value of this tour comes in the truly fascinating history of the region you get to learn along the way.

The free tour is provided by the State Park Rangers in the area, with no reservations required unless you’re traveling with a large group. Tours run Friday–Sunday and begin at 10:00 am, so head over to meet at the CA State Parks desk inside the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Social Hall in the Asilomar Conference Grounds at 10am. Check a map, it’s not hard to find, and there’s plenty of signage in Asilomar to point your way. If you get lost, ask around. People are friendly around here.

You’ll be excited about the beautiful scenery of the protected coastal dunes, and absorbed by the history of Asilomar itself, told on the beginning of the tour while you wind through the historic landmark destination’s famous architecture.

After experiencing the grounds, listed as a National Historic Landmark and designed by famed architect Julia Morgan between 1913 and 1928, you’ll finish the journey on the quarter-mile boardwalk that snakes through the dunes, shouldering the ocean and filled with protected wildlife and vegetation. Panoramic photo opportunities present them at almost every turn, and it’s hard to not stop every twenty feet for another photo. Before you’re finished, you’ll learn about the preservation and management of the natural habitats of the Seals, Sea Otters and Whales that you might spot in the ocean, as well as the coastal dunes themselves, with various endangered species being reintroduced to the area.

Finishing the journey where you started, and you’ll be well prepared for the rest of your day.

Pack List

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera
  • Water bottle

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