Swimming at Yosemite

Swimming at Yosemite

Summertime at Yosemite is filled with hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and, yes, dips into the beautiful lakes and rivers that are scattered around its landscape. If you’re looking for a great dip, the Merced River, which also boasts great river floating, is a perfect and calm place for a summertime swim. Its sandy beaches are perfect for a relaxing afternoon of sunning out, having a picnic, or swimming around.

If you’re looking for a little more secluded a location, there are plenty of wonderful secluded areas that are great for swimming in and near the Tuolumne Meadows and the High Sierra Camps.

For those who appreciate a little more chlorination in their swimming experience, there are four pools in the park. Those at Curry Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge are both open to all visitors at the park, and are a great place to cool off after a day of hiking and getting dirty on the trails. The pools at The Ahwahnee and Wawona Hotel are only open to residents of the lodges.

Lifeguards are present at Curry Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge and all pools are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting. Entrance to the two public pools is a small fee, around $5 for guests not residing at the locations.

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