Exploring Hidden Gems – Union Creek

Hidden Gems in Union Creek

Union Creek is located in the lush landscape of southwest Oregon. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountain range and Crater Lake just to the east, Union Creek has many hidden gems to explore. During the winter months, the snow-covered terrain offers a wide range of activities for the perfect winter getaway. From snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to bundling up in a warm cabin with a good book, Union Creek should be your next vacation destination. Grab your snow gear and start planning your favorite activities in and around Union Creek. To help you get started, we have highlighted a few of our favorite options!

Oregon Winter Adventures

Union Creek serves as the perfect base for exploring this iconic natural wonder during the quieter, snow-covered months. In truly the best location, nestled between the mountains and neighboring lakes, all of the activities in and around Union Creek are easily accessible from both Crater Lake lodging and Union Creek Resort. Whether you are seeking some outdoor thrills or snowy tranquility, there are options for all.

Top 3 Union Creek Winter Activities

1. Snowshoeing on Union Creek Trail
The Union Creek Trail offers 12 miles leading up to the Pacific Crest Trail starting at the Union Creek Resort. This trail provides a pretty epic snowshoe experience surrounded by enormous Douglas Fir trees. There are also a variety of other trails in the surrounding areas that are some of the hidden gems reachable from Union Creek like the Diamond Lake trails, Boundary Springs, and Crater Lake.

2. Cross-Country Skiing at Crater Lake
Crater Lake is known for its cross-country skiing in the winter, and there is good reason why! With marked trails covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels it is the perfect place to explore the ungroomed terrain, making sure you get the full backcountry ski experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough room to pack your skis, there are plenty available to rent at Crater Lake Lodge.

3. Snowmobiling Adventures In Oregon
Unlike the backcountry ski trails, the 150 miles of snowmobile trails provided by Union Creek Resort are well groomed and ready for you to travel on via your rented snowmobile. This is the perfect activity to get to know the area and escape into the beautiful snowy wonderland.

Exploring Lesser-Known Spots in Union Creek

Although Union Creek has so much to offer, there are also incredible sites to visit around the area. You might have heard of the infamous Crater Lake National Park which is always worth the visit, but there are a few other winter attractions just around the corner.

  • Mount Thielsen
    This mountain peaks at 9,182 ft. and is part of the Cascade Range. Located off Highway 230, about 30 miles north of Union Creek Resort, you can find options to backcountry ski, snowboard, snow camp, and hike.

  • Umpqua National Forest
    This national forest spans an incredible one million acres of beauty-filled diverse landscapes and wildlife. Make sure to check out the breathtaking Toketee Falls.

  • Union Peak
    A beautiful destination located in the Cascade Range just outside of Crater Lake. You can find many trails here to explore the area year-round.

  • Diamond Lake
    This lake is located near Mount Thielsen and is perfect for ice fishing, snowmobiling, and snowshoe hikes with stunning views.

Where to Stay: Union Creek Resort

Open since 1922, Union Creek Resort has been a year-round haven for those escaping the city for some much-needed time in nature. The resort has everything you need if you are traveling solo, with your family, or planning a big getaway with a group of friends. The resort offers multiple types of rooms to choose from including:

  • Lodge Rooms
  • Cabins (available with or without a kitchen)
  • Vacation Rentals (for longer stays or large parties)

Winter Wonderland: Unforgettable Adventures Await

From the many outdoor activities in the snow to relaxing inside the cabins at Union Creek Resort, you are sure to have a memorable time during your next winter getaway. Make sure to book your stay in advance and start planning your trip today!

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