Photograph Salmon Glacier

Photograph Salmon Glacier

Canada, Canada

Photograph Salmon Glacier

The Salmon Glacier, which is the fifth largest glacier in Canada, is a reminder of the great age of glaciers. It is a spectacular sight in almost any weather conditions, as long as the clouds aren’t low in the valley blocking the view of the glacier.

There is a self guided auto tour with stops along the drive to the glacier, if you want the brochure for it be sure to stop at the visitor centre in Stewart BC and ask for a copy or print it off [here.](

To get to the glacier from Stewart BC you must drive across the Canada/USA border into Hyder Alaska and continue on the same road for approximately 37km (23 miles) to the Summit Viewpoint. The road is gravel and quite bumpy with many potholes. The drive up climbs about 1300 metres (4300 ft) into the sub alpine of the Boundary Mountains. There are some amazing landscapes to view and photograph before you get to the glacier. The road is pretty steep and there are no barricades preventing you from plummeting down into the Salmon River, so drive cautiously. Once you’ve arrived at the viewpoint, park your vehicle and enjoy Salmon Glacier in all of its beauty. There’s a few places you can trek to around the viewpoint to take in some better perspectives of the glacier if needed.

Pack List

  • Camera Gear
  • Road trip essentials
  • Bear Spray
  • Passport (the only border security is Canadian Customs when you come back into Canada)
  • Warm clothes
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Water

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