Boat Tours on Lake Mead

Lake Mead, AZ & NV

Lake Mead is known for its boat tours, the only way to experience the destination in its whole, including its dizzying array of colorful landscapes, stunning sunsets, and gorgeous views.

Every tour is complete with informative, professional guides who will point out historic landmarks such as Fortification Hill, an extinct volcano, and biggest of all, the Hoover Dam. Professional and amateur photographers alike will run out of film (or would, if they were shooting film) attempting to capture this land’s breathtaking scenery.

There are three popular cruises available:

Mid-Day Sightseeing Cruise
This cruise is, as the title suggests, a middle of the day tour around Lake Mead, which allows you to bask in the warm sun while enjoying snacks and drinks.

Champagne Brunch Cruise
This tour is a fun combination of breakfast and cruising the Lake Mead landscapes with chute in hand.

Dinner Cruise
This cruise is during the evening. The best part is the calm, glassy waters, delicious food, and the Arizona skies above.

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