Horseback Riding in Zephyr Cove

Horseback Riding in Zephyr Cove

The magic of horseback riding has long captured the imaginations of those who seek freedom, excitement, and exploration. Zephyr Cove Resort provides an unforgettable opportunity to reconnect with that sense of adventure with guided horseback trail rides in South Lake Tahoe.

Experienced, professional, and informative guides will take you through the forested scenic trails near Zephyr Cove. Perfect for families or groups, you’ll enjoy the peaceful, hypnotic experience of riding these incredible animals while surrounded by amazing vistas of the crystal clear blue Tahoe water and the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. As you amble through pine-scented wilderness with the sounds of nature all around, you’ll agree there’s no better way to experience the area’s serenity and beauty in summertime.

1-hour and 2-hours rides available – all with friendly cowboys as your guide.

Also available are breakfast, lunch, or dinner rides, where you’ll enjoy a trail ride of approximately one hour, then hayride back to the picnic area for a hearty meal.

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