5 Ways to Protect the Outdoors with Leave No Trace

Preserve Our Parks

The Nation’s Vacation has partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to bring sustainable practices to visitors when visiting our National Parks and public lands.

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Center accomplishes this mission by delivering cutting-edge education and research to millions of people across the country every year. Through this dynamic partnership, we will take care of the lands we operate on starting with visitor education. Below are the top five things you should remember when visiting any Nation’s Vacation by Aramark property.

1. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Park Practices
Remember to pack clothes to protect yourself from cold, heat, and rain. Use our maps to plan where you’re going, and check them along the way so you’ll stay on course and won’t get lost.

Remember to bring a leash for your pet if applicable to your site and plastic bags to pick up your pet’s waste. Repackage food to minimize waste wherever possible. You can learn all about your destination on our website and ensure you are prepared.

2. Pack It In, Pack It Out
Put litter — even crumbs, peels, and cores in designated garbage and recycling cans. If these are unavailable, put litter in garbage bags and carry it home. Use bathrooms or outhouses when available.

If not available, bury human waste in a small hole 6-8 inches deep and 200 feet or 70 big steps from water. Use a plastic bag to pack out your pet’s poop to a garbage can. Keep water clean. Do not put soap, food, human or pet waste in lakes or streams.

3. Respect & Protect
When you’re out in nature at any of our sites, you might spot some wildlife! Observe wildlife from a distance and never approach, feed, or follow them. Human food is unhealthy for all wildlife and feeding them starts bad habits. Protect wildlife, your food, and yourselves by securely storing your meals and trash.

4. Mind Your Space and Your Neighbors
Our Nation’s Vacation sites are beautiful destinations that everyone should be able to enjoy. Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.

Be courteous when passing others on the trail. Listen to nature: avoid making loud noises or yelling. You will see more wildlife if you are quiet.

5. Stay On Trail. Keep to the Path.
Walk and ride on designated trails when out adventuring to protect trailside plants and ecosystems. Durable surfaces include established trail and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses, or snow. Make sure to walk single file in the middle of the trail, even if it’s wet or muddy to protect trailside plants.

Other Things To Do