Mining Maze Challenge at Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls

Mining Maze Challenge at Bushkill Falls

The Mining Maze is an interactive adventure for all ages, where you get to go for the gold (there is no gold in our mining activity), competing with your friends and family to get to the finish line.

This thrilling escape is the newest addition to Bushkill Falls, and, apart from being an activity to release your inner competitive spirit, it’s a way to sharpen up your navigation skills, sense of direction, and even your patience, as you inevitably get a little lost and have to backtrack.

When you entering the maze, you receive a passport with your start time. The name of the game is to locate four checkpoints in the correct order, and then find your way out. Each checkpoint has a different letter, GOLD, and punching the letters on your passport in the right order as quickly as possible will get you prizes such as stickers, temporary tattoos, and buttons to t-shirts and souvenir cups given away in monthly drawings.

If you’re really feeling feisty, extra competitive visitors have the opportunity to run the maze multiple times to improve their times and win better prizes.

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